Many years ago, Lisa was fortunate to attend Dr Demartini’s first Breakthrough Experience program in Australia. That weekend so altered her life that it has been her inspiration to share his work with others ever since.

Coming from a rigorous scientific background as a marine biologist, Lisa found Dr Demartini’s work bridged the gap between science and spirituality – the Demartini Method was practical, effective, reproducible and inspiring.

Lisa is one of the few facilitators in the world certified to teach Dr Demartini’s signature program, The Breakthrough Experience®. She has taught it around Australia not only to individuals but also Government Agencies and National Support Groups in the areas of personal development and counseling.


“I have known Lisa Handley since we met at the first Breakthrough Experience I presented in Sydney, Australia, in 1995 …

Upon completing her certification requirements, she began conducting her own Breakthrough Experience programs. She is especially talented in working with women’s issues and empowerment and, being a writer, she has had published many of her articles concerning her work.

I have seen her tackle senior executives with firmness, as well as young teenagers with gentle gloves. She has persevered in her studies and cares about her work. I hope you are blessed to be able to see her work in action.”