Lisa works with people in one-on-one consultations and small group settings, helping them look at events in their lives from a completely different perspective. They get greater clarity and are reinspired about their futures.

You see, when you are resentful of, or infatuated with, certain people, places or events in your life, these events or people ‘run’ you and you are not free to act, or live your life, the way you’d really love to.

Perhaps you have experienced,

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of a relationship with an intimate partner, friend or family member
  • Loss of a job, business, or money
  • Traumatic events in childhood or adulthood
  • Anger, resentment or frustration at others or yourself
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Lack of clarity about what you’d love to be doing in your life

These are real and challenging issues and never to be taken lightly, however Lisa is committed that when you apply the Demartini Method to these people or events, you will change forever the hold they have on you. You will release yourself from old behaviours and patterns and be free to realise your pure potential.

The time it takes to heal is a function of the intensity of the healing process; the Demartini Method is laser-focussed and effective. What once took weeks, months or years to dissolve can now be achieved in a matter of hours.

Thank you for working a miracle in less than a day
Yvette, Cartographer


These can be conducted face to face in Sydney in a private, gentle environment, or via telephone or Skype in the privacy of your own home or office if that is more convenient.


Lisa also conducts one-day workshops using The Demartini Method® in small groups of up to ten people.

Whilst doing your own, private work, you benefit greatly by the discussions that ensue and from experiencing the group dynamic. It is a confidential, safe environment where you find great support and encouragement whilst working the Method.