What others have said about Lisa’s work with the Demartini Method:

… I have seen her tackle senior executives with firmness, as well as young teenagers with gentle gloves. She has persevered in her studies and cares about her work. I hope you are blessed to be able to see her work in action.

Dr John Demartini


Now I must tell you that your Transformation Day workshop truly changed my life. I cannot believe that in only 10 hours, you helped me see a relationship [that frustrated, stressed and depressed me for over 30 years], in a completely different light. The results still leave me in a state of amazement….

The Demartini Method is so straightforward and effective that now I look back at my previous therapists and wonder why they didn't use this technique. I would have saved so much time and money and eliminated those years of feeling down about this relationship ….

You explained everything clearly and you answered all of my questions with such thoroughness and care that there were several points during the day when I felt I should be paying a lot more for all I was getting in return ….

If any of my friends are struggling with issues… I will wholeheartedly recommend they try the Demartini Method first. I cannot say enough good things about this workshop.


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The program is excellent and I know the integrity with which it is presented is the key.

JohnCorporate Financier


As one who constantly seeks self-knowledge, I feel the Demartini Method, as facilitated sensitively by Lisa, is one of the most powerful experiences I have had and a valuable tool in coming to awareness of the rich inner life we all have available to us.


I took the one-day intensive Transformation Day with Lisa because I had heard about the Demaritni Method and the wonderful transformation that it could bring. I believed it, but it's only after living this incredible moment that I really understand the power of change brought about.

Lisa has this soft, yet really persuasive presence which helped me go through the sometimes hard moments of the experience.

… I feel renewed, living more in the present by letting go of the past, with more energy, less anxiety for the future and with better relative capacity when facing challenging situations.

Magali Vigneron, Flower Essences Practitioner, Paris

The Demartini Transformation day, facilitated by Lisa, totally rocked my vision of human relationships and my notions of 'good' and 'evil'.

It's a wonderful opportunity to overcome resentment and guilt and access a greater freedom

Lisa is a great facilitator, she's really considerate and takes the time to listen to everyone's specific history and needs.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Iris, Paris


Without a doubt I know what I got out of the day I couldn’t have achieved in 10 years of therapy. It took me to a place of healing that I couldn’t even imagine possible. I have absolute confidence that this work offers more than hope, it offers a tangible experience of a new way of being.

MaryPersonal Assistant

I have seen Anthony Robbins (done the fire walk), Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde, Wayne Dyer, Michael Rowland (three courses), read approximately 80 books over eight years, all in aid of ‘fixing’ myself and all of them together have not come close to working with Lisa.   

Tanya, Sales Manager


For 40 years it was like my father and I were in two separate rooms with a door separating us. The Demartini Method helped me unlock that door and my heart.

David, Managing Director

If there was a gift I could give to my most special friend it would be the gift of the Demartini Method, because it is the gift of pure love… I would recommend this experience to anyone and everyone, because we all want to love and be loved, that’s what it’s all about.

Dr Lorene Dennis, Chiropractor